CBC Arts: Meet the 13 year-old prodigy already painting his way to greatness

"Teenage artist Evan Sharma will make your day with his 'vibrant impressionism' "

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The 30 most exciting artists in Toronto right now

"This is 13-year-old Evan Sharma’s second time exhibiting at TAP. He’s inspired by artists and musical icons."

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CTV News Ottawa: A Lasting Impression

"His work is a reflection of seasoned experience, rigorous training, and the school of time. But this orchestra of colour is conducted not by an elderly master, but a young one...."

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The Artist Project Toronto 2016: New Canadian Artists To Know

"This artist is by far the youngest showcasing at The Artist Project – he is only 12 years. The self-taught artist’s work could be best described as influenced by the impressionist"

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Is this 12 year old from Kingston the next Picasso?

"The Kingston, Ont. kid is making news thanks to his amazing Impressionist paintings that have left some wondering whether he could be the next Picasso. Truly, the colours and techniques that the kid is using make him a bona fide prodigy at the very least."

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