Is this 12 year old from Kingston the next Picasso?

"The Kingston, Ont. kid is making news thanks to his amazing Impressionist paintings that have left some wondering whether he could be the next Picasso. Truly, the colours and techniques that the kid is using make him a bona fide prodigy at the very least."

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Canada AM: Making waves in the world of art

"12-year-old painter proving art doesn't have an age limit."

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Meet Canada’s most talented 12-year-old artist.

"His work, mostly acrylic on canvas landscapes and portraits of admired figures, belies an uncommon aptitude for capturing energy and narrative, and a keen sense of colour."

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Part-time renowned artist, full-time 13-year-old

"Evan Sharma has loved art his whole 13-year-old life, but he really started his signature style of using vibrant colours when he was 'around nine or 10.'"

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2016 - Year in Review

Evan's 2016 appearance at The Artist Project was the beginning of an exciting year. We've put together a short video with some of our favorite highlights and a peek at what Evan's working on next.

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