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The Orange Sky

The Orange Sky

"The Orange Sky" will be auctioned Sunday, September 18, 2016 in Kingston, Canada in support of the United Way. If you are interested in placing a bid, please inquire.

I created this painting after being out on the water for most of the day in Lake Ontario. When we started the waters were calm, but once out, a storm quickly rolled in and we were hit with hail pellets and 5 foot waves. It was the first day I was the Captain during a storm. When I sat down to paint this, I was thinking of what it would be like to be a captain of a fishing boat in Nova Scotia and how quickly the weather can turn on the water. The potential of a storm is shown in both the haziness of the clouds over the orange sky and the darkness of part of the mountain. As an avid sailor and angler, an orange sky in a storm is always concerning as it might mean a severe electrical storm or tornado is soon to hit. It also conveys the idea that despite the beauty of the water, there is always risk to it. This painting was created for the Fare for Friends auction to raise funds for the United Way.

Size: 48x30

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