At 19, Evan Sharma’s work focuses on viewing subjects holistically through landscape and portraiture, with a thesis that art can communicate abstract ideas and plant the seed for a better future. As an artist and STEM major, he emphasizes “right brain, left brain thinking”, combining scientific principles into his work through bodies such as the 2050 Series and an upcoming project titled MMO Cow. He creates large-scale acrylic on canvas paintings, often incorporating mixed media such as paper cuttings, oil stick, and natural materials. Throughout the 2050 Series and MMO Cow, he has also used a newly synthesized enzyme in the paint called methane monooxygenase, which can reduce methane emissions. A quintessential element of many of his fauvist-inspired landscapes is the vibrant and often larger-than-life sun or moon found beaming throughout the sky, illuminating the expansive paintings.


His portraits focus on influential figures both in his life as well as thinkers he sees as important in their respective fields, both in the past, present, and future. Since the age of 12, painting has been his bread and butter, but he is now exploring additional mediums, such as sculpture, through upcoming works. 


After contributing his own works to charitable causes he believes in over the past half-decade, he has created the CovArt Challenge, a not-for-profit aimed at alleviating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as set by the United Nations.