Young Social Impact Heroes: Why and How Evan Sharma Decided To Change Our World

"I am an artist and the creative director behind the emerging brand, RBLB (Right Brain Left Brain). Conceptually both my art and clothing explore the intersection between art and science. For me I am trying to raise awareness of the concept of the importance of being a polymath. That is using both your creative or right brain in conjunction with your left or analytical side to solve big problems."

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14-Year-Old Art Prodigy Donates Painting to Raise Funds for Canadian Athletes

"Fourteen-year-old Ontario painter Evan Sharma is partnering with CAN Fund, the leading supporter of Canadian athletes competing around the world, to donate a new work painted at 7,000 feet that will directly support athletes on their journey to wear the maple leaf on the world stage."

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Arts Effects 2017 Fine Art Auction - Evan Sharma

"A Portrait of Basquiat painted by 13 year old Evan Sharma goes to auction."

Speaking in front of 2,000 people and fun at C2 Montreal

"I had a great experience at C2 Montreal where I met Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Harley Finkelstein from Shopify, Julie Payette, as well as being able to live paint and speak in front of 2000+ people!"

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Evan Sharma - An Artists Journey

"We met Evan Sharma when he came through our old office space. We were immediately fascinated by his art, his story and to learn where his creative passion comes from. As you'll see, his art just seems to come from another place, especially for someone his age."

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