Collection: 2050

The concept for 2050 was born in the lab. During his research, artist and scientist Evan Sharma discovered that the enzyme, monoxygenase (MMO) which reduces methane emissions by up to 70%, was successfully transferable to cattle--who emit methane at a rate ten times the potency of carbon dioxide--thus revealing a promising development in sustainable agriculture. By mixing the enzyme into paint, Sharma's 2050 series highlights the complicity of each of us in preserving the landscapes we love.

In 2050, iconic landscapes thrive thirty years from now - Sharma's prediction of a possible future for our planet if we, as a society, begin embracing sound environmental research, like MMO development, to prevent climate change. His palette of strong reds and blues, symbolizes methane build-up in the atmosphere without collective action, because  methane absorbs red light and reflects blue.

Each painting depicts the contour of a cow as a symbol of our society’s reliance on beef–a significant contributor to global warming. Contours of cows recur throughout the series, highlighting both our reliance on beef (a significant contributor to climate change) and a scientific solution to our current climate crisis (MMO). Through a uniquely scientific lens, Sharma presents the viewer with both utopia and dystopia leaving it to them to choose a future. In this way, the 2050 series confronts the most central conflict of our times: survival.