The 15-year-old designer taking on the streetwear world

Canadian 15-year-old already sells his art - now he's out to rock fashion by launching streetwear brand RBLB

Art Prodigy Evan Sharma To Debut Spring Streetwear Collection

There is art that is nice to look at, and then there is art that influences you somehow. It makes you laugh, cry, remember someone special, or makes you take out a small loan to own it. Evan Sharma is an artist that creates thought provoking pieces like this that draw you into his world.

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HOLR Gets Up Close and Personal with Rising Artist Evan Sharma

Evan Sharma isn’t your average 15-year-old. He’s a rising artist paving the way for young creatives, and inspiring others with his art. 

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Meet the next Picasso: The 15-year-old artist with a philanthropic mindset

"Apart from his regular charitable contributions, Evan has raised funds for the United Way, for various hospitals and for his local school. To show his support for the Canadian Olympic Team, Evan donated a painting that he created at 7000 feet and the money raised from that went towards the team."

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