Meet the next Picasso: The 15-year-old artist with a philanthropic mindset

"Apart from his regular charitable contributions, Evan has raised funds for the United Way, for various hospitals and for his local school. To show his support for the Canadian Olympic Team, Evan donated a painting that he created at 7000 feet and the money raised from that went towards the team."

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14 Year Old Art Prodigy Paints from Top of Mountain

Evan Sharma, 14, was attending a ski camp at Sun Peaks on Dec. 1 when he decided he needed to paint the scenery around him. 

"I was thinking of some ideas for a mountain painting, and I thought to myself, 'whoa, it would be really cool if I could actually paint this on a mountain.'"

Sharma got in touch with the staff at Sun Peaks, and the next thing he knew, they had loaded him and his art supplies onto... 

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CBC Arts: Meet the 13 year-old prodigy already painting his way to greatness

"Teenage artist Evan Sharma will make your day with his 'vibrant impressionism' "

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The 30 most exciting artists in Toronto right now

"This is 13-year-old Evan Sharma’s second time exhibiting at TAP. He’s inspired by artists and musical icons."

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CTV News Ottawa: A Lasting Impression

"His work is a reflection of seasoned experience, rigorous training, and the school of time. But this orchestra of colour is conducted not by an elderly master, but a young one...."

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