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Coming Home II

Coming Home II

Coming Home II is a work that plays with our perspective. Some may see a tranquil landscape existing at the edge of the Atlantic ocean in which one can see the rise of the powerful Moon. This, however, is not the case.

The composition shows the early developments of life on Mars once colonies have been established. The moon neatly tucked away in the horizon is actually a depiction of earth after the sea levels have risen and the atmosphere has become laden with carbon emissions. As earth has been uninhabitable for humans, there has been mass extinction and the temperature has dropped. Hence planet Earth now is ice-coloured as opposed to the brilliant blue that we see in images taken from space.
The pale blue tint shows the light refracting off the thickening troposphere. Hidden behind the dusky sky is a beam of light emanating from the lighthouse that is being interfered with by the increased solar radiation. The sea consists of heavy water, a form of water that involves reacting deuterium with oxygen.

In the painting, I wanted people to consider the strength that it is going to take to explore new planets that we might one day call home. Inter-planetary exploration will not be for the faint of heart as only rugged pioneers will be able to survive these harsh conditions. However, once established, people with their great resilient abilities will be able to find a sense of home, even in this strange environment.

One of the central elements of the painting is the presence of a lighthouse. I placed this structure in the piece to convey the idea that humans are social creatures and are always welcoming others to their home, even as they look longingly back from where they came. Here though, the inhabitants are not sure if visitors, friends, or loved ones will ever arrive. Nonetheless, the lighthouse is constructed in the hopes that someone will arrive.

Lastly, the colonizers have planted a pumpkin patch bringing back memories of the idyllic days of their youth, as they get ready to celebrate the harvest and an old tradition - Halloween - in their new habitat.

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