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From the Backwoods to Sky High Peaks

From the Backwoods to Sky High Peaks

This was probably the painting that was both the most exiting and challenging to create. I was skiing in the interior of British Columbia, training for alpine ski racing, and because the surroundings we so stunning, I really wanted to paint. One thing led to another, and I was able to actually get a chance to paint at 7000 feet! What I quickly realized was that paints have a very different feel and texture to them when you are working with them at freezing temperatures.

My main goal of this painting was to convey the freedom and exhilaration that you feel when you ski above the tree line or in the backcountry. When I brought the piece down the mountain, the paints pooled over night as they thawed. But they took on a very surreal character to them. I worked on the piece more, emphasizing a number of features and decided to place a small cabin in it to give people the idea of the raw ruggedness that some of the initial inhabitants had when they lived in remote places in Canada and the US. I also wanted to emphasize the fresh powder on the trees - affectionately called, "snow ghosts" by the locals.

When I returned from my trip, I was contacted to donate a piece of my art to help raise funds for Canadian Athletes competing in the Olympics. I thought that this would be the ideal piece. This piece will be on display at the First Canadian Place Gallery in Toronto until Feb 23.

You can watch me work on the piece here.

You can bid on the piece until Feb 23 (auction complete).

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